The cflox Win-Win

cflox is the global market for cash flow, trade finance, and working capital within the supply chain. On cflox, buyers and suppliers collaborate to optimize the financing of goods and services. We develop and implement solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients. Our digital approach reaches the entire supplier base and thereby addresses existing potential and demand. Our technology and our comprehensive services facilitate the lean implementation in existing systems and processes.

Early Payment

Buyers invest excess liquidity into their suppliers – through early payments of approved invoices. Suppliers get fast and dynamic access to working capital and optimize the financing of their goods and services.

Buyer benefits

Realize risk-free returns on your available excess liquidity

Efficiently convert net working capital into earnings

Strengthen your supply chain for sustainable, profitable growth

Supplier benefits

Take control of your cash flow – you decide when your invoices get paid

Optimize your working capital and lower your financing costs by bypassing third-party credit providers

Strengthen your liquidity – permanently and before reporting dates or special events

Joint optimization of cash flow and financing
within the supply chain

Working Capital Optimization

Buyers and their suppliers use cflox to jointly optimize their payment terms: Buyers realize longer payment terms – at the same time, suppliers receive the immediate payout of their outstanding receivables.

Buyer benefits

Optimize your working capital and strengthen your liquidity

Extend your payment terms

Save time and effort through a lean implementation

Supplier benefits

Optimize your working capital and strengthen your liquidity

Receive short effective payment terms

Use your customer’s strong credit rating to lower your financing costs

Joint optimization of payment terms and working capital within the supply chain


We provide direct, dynamic, and market-based solutions for companies of all sizes and industries.

Growth companies need sources of financing that are as dynamic and flexible as they are themselves, to provide them with sufficient leeway for investment and development. Lending opportunities for these companies are complex, time-consuming, and non-transparent. cflox offers flexible and dynamic financing options – tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Supply chain finance, discounting, and dynamic payment terms are often characterized by complex processes and high costs – therefore they are usually the domain of banks and corporations. Our digital, market-based approach allows successful companies to optimize their payment terms and strengthen their supply chain regardless of their size.

Within an enterprise, it is usually hard to find significant levers for optimization that have not already been identified and addressed. However, that is often not yet the case at the interface between companies and their suppliers. We help companies to leverage their own financial strength and credit rating to lower the cost of financing within their supply chain, creating a win-win opportunity with their suppliers.


At cflox, we create solutions that are tailored to the specific strategy and targets of our customers. This always includes transparency, security, and exceptional service.

Development, introduction, and continuous adjustment of our platform are based on the strategy and supplier portfolio of our customers.

We provide full-service onboarding support. Our extended platform reach and easy market access lead to high supplier participation and satisfaction.

We analyze risks and potentials, provide strategic recommendations, and support the implementation of digital innovation.

Lean implementation, full automation, full service, and support guarantee smooth operation.

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