The cflox Win-Win

cflox is the global market for working capital directly between buyers and suppliers. Buyers invest excess liquidity into their suppliers – through early payments of approved invoices. Suppliers get fast and dynamic access to working capital and optimize the financing of their goods and services. Market participants bypass financial intermediaries and thereby eliminate risk and avoid complexity and high costs.

What cflox Win-Win
means for you

cflox enables buyers and suppliers to jointly optimize their cash flow. Buyers realize risk-free returns. Suppliers strengthen their liquidity and reduce financing costs. cflox offers unique benefits to all market participants.

Supplier benefits

Buyer benefits

Take control of your cash flow: you decide when your invoices get paid.

Realize risk-free returns on your available excess liquidity.

Optimize your working capital and lower your financing costs by bypassing third-party credit providers.

Efficiently convert Net Working Capital into earnings.

Strengthen your liquidity – permanently and before reporting dates or special events.

Strengthen your supply chain for sustainable profitable growth.

Win-Win through a direct market for working capital

How to realize
the cflox Win-Win
in your supply chain

Buyers and suppliers utilize cflox for the market-based pricing of working capital. Basing cash flow on approved invoices and utilizing established processes, access to working capital is dynamic, efficient, and risk-free.

Using cflox as a supplier

Using cflox as a buyer

Create your account—using cflox is free of charge.

Start a cflox event and invite your suppliers.

Set your offer for the early payment of qualified invoices (starting at 0.1%).

Commit available excess liquidity for guaranteed payout.

Realize immediate cash payout in market-based clearings.

Start investing into your supply chain.

Fast and efficient roll-out and integration

The cflox
Win-Win Guarantee

The highest standards as independent market operator build the foundation for our global cash flow exchange and services. All market participants maintain full control and flexibility. Realization of cash flow is efficient and suppliers participate free of charge.

Using cflox, suppliers take control of their cash flow. First, buyers commit to invest a guaranteed amount of cash into their own

supply chain. Next, suppliers set their offers by making individual offers for immediate cash

payout. At market clearing, successful invoices are paid.

The business cycles and cash balances of most companies are not static. In contrast, liquidity, financing needs, and investment opportunities are dynamic, volatile, and constantly evolving.

Any static financing solution is therefore less than optimal. On cflox buyers and suppliers are able to dynamically optimize their cash flow.

In a market-based solution, participants realize fast and flexible cash flow—matching their current needs.

Whereas most companies’ internal finances are highly optimized, when money is moved through the supply chain, third-party financing is all but efficient: Processes are complex,

lengthy, and non-transparent. Financing is limited and restrained by underwritings and guarantees. Bypassing intermediaries, buyers and suppliers optimize the cash flow along

the entire supply chain. A direct market is fast and efficient: there is no need for paperwork, audits, and non-transparent fees.

If you have received an invitation to cflox, creating your account and realizing cash flow

at the price you set is free of charge. Companies that want to start investing into their supply

chain, create a cflox event, and invite their suppliers will be charged a hosting fee.

cflox services

Our global market infrastructure and services provide the next level of supply chain finance: dynamic optimization of cash flow directly between buyers and suppliers.

Operation of proprietary markets between buyers and their suppliers.

Global participant on-boarding, networking, and services.

Automated clearing, settlement, documentation, and reporting.

Real-time technology for market-based price formation.

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