The Future of Corporate Payments

cflox is an internationally certified payment institute that enhances corporate payments with working-capital optimization, financing, and lean processing. We develop technology-driven, unique solutions for our customers that provide instant added value. Welcome to the future of corporate payments.


Working-capital optimization through 60 days additional payment terms: Companies pay their suppliers on the agreed payment date but are charged 60 days later.


Payments to suppliers

Daily payments from the cflox payment account in your name: You select the cflox payment account in your ERP or TMS system and transfer the payment orders via e-banking or EBICS. There are no changes for suppliers—they securely receive their payments on the specified execution date.

+60 days payment term

With cflox pay you receive an additional payment term of 60 days. This allows you to extend your average payment terms or to take advantage of a discount in combination with long payment terms. You can increase your EBIT and reduce your debt. With the additional cflox payment term you benefit from increased liquidity available for investments in future growth and innovation.

100% trade payables

The additional cflox payment term is a regular trade payable in your balance sheet. This way you improve your key balance sheet metrics like internal financing, net working capital, and debt ratios.

in 60 days

Collection from reference account

The repayment is made 60 days after payment using direct debit or credit transfer from your reference account. The collection and settlement are fully automated, thus reducing complexity and costs of payment processes. You can set up and manage cflox pay within your ERP or TMS system.


Direct effects.
On every single payment.

cflox pay has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of the finance and treasury departments: easy implementation, complete control, and real added value with every single payment. Use cflox pay for active management of your working capital, liquidity, and financial ratios:

Average payment term before cflox pay
When using cflox pay for 25% of the purchase volume

+60 days additional payment term

Net Working Capital (Current assets – Cash – Current liabilities)
Net Working Capital when using cflox pay
Current assets
Cash when using cflox pay
Current liabilities
Current liabilities when using cflox pay

+ Stronger working capital for growth and long-term success

Cash Conversion Cycle (DIO+DSO-DPO)
Cash Conversion Cycle when using cflox pay
DPO when using cflox pay

+ Optimized cash flow to pursure strategic opportunities

Liquidity without cflox pay
Liquidity when using cflox pay

+ Increased liquidity for immediate maneuverability and long-term investments

Debt without cflox pay
Debt when using cflox pay

Optimized debt ratio for stronger financing


The innovative payment method for companies that want more. Pay your suppliers on a daily basis. Your account will be debited 60 days later. 


Payment target
+cflox pay +60 days cflox pay
Current payment term: days Set your payment term
Current payment term: 60 days
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180
Current payment term: 60 days
+60 days cflox pay
0% Discount


Lean integration.
Instant use. 

Integration as new payment account

cflox pay is set up as a new payment account in your ERP system. During a payment run you can select this payment account, generate a payment file, and send it to the cflox pay system via e-banking or EBICS. With each transaction you receive the additional payment term of 60 days. cflox pay is compatible with all ERP and TMS systems.

No need to involve suppliers

The complete control over the use, the volume, and thus the effects of cflox pay lies with our clients’ finance department. Suppliers do not need to be involved, as there is no difference for them: They receive their money on the due date from an account in the name of their customer. Thus, no information, contracts, or negotiations with suppliers by the purchase department are necessary.

Secure B2B payment transactions

You will receive your own cflox pay payment account and can transfer money to your suppliers in your own name. We support the latest banking standards for euro and foreign-currency transfers in SEPA and non-SEPA payment transactions. If required, you can transmit bundled payment orders with multiple payout dates to save effort and process costs. cflox settles payments on a daily basis to ensure that each recipient receives the payment on time.

Benefit from strong financing partners

With cflox pay you receive an additional payment term of 60 days. In order to offer the most attractive conditions to our clients with strong performance and creditworthiness, we cooperate with established banks and financing partners. We set up customized and long-term programs with your core banks and/or our established cflox financing partners.



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