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cflox stands for Cash Flow Exchange.

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The collaborative market for Working Capital

cflox facilitates the next stage of development in trade finance: direct and dynamic optimization of financing within the supply chain. We develop and operate digital platforms, custom extensions, system interfaces, and comprehensive service & support. Our customers benefit from the expertise and implementation strength of our well-established team headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Customer focus

With our clients, we emphasize cooperative, long-term relationships that are built on trust and generate mutual benefits.


It is our goal to achieve high and sustainable quality. For our clients, we are willing to go the extra mile to create value that lasts.


We build upon transparent actions and processes. We emphasize a structured and efficient interaction and open communication.


Data protection and security have the highest priority. Therefore, we use proven, secure technologies and run our services on certified servers located in Germany.


Our employees

cflox is a technology-based market-platform with enormous growth potential - but it is our team of employees, that make cflox so successful: They continuously develop and optimize, master challenges, and shape our corporate culture with their sense of responsibility, commitment, flexibility, as well as their constant will to do their best and make an impact.

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Successful supply chains optimize the financing of Working Capital directly and dynamically. How can cflox help you optimize your cash flow? Contact us now to receive further information.

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