Growth solutions

Stronger Working Capital and sustainable growth financing: accelerating receivables and extending supplier payment terms.


Financial strength through optimized receivables and payables

We have developed solutions specifically for growth companies: improved cash flow from receivables and payables. On one single platform, you can receive instant payouts of qualified receivables and extend your effective payment terms towards suppliers. Optimize both sides to improve your cash flow and Working Capital for sustainable growth.

Receive early payouts of receivables

Using the cflox financing solution, growth companies receive early payouts of their receivables. This enables them to finance long payment terms towards their customers. The activation and payout of invoices is instantly realized through the cflox platform.

Extend payment terms of payables

Growth companies can extend the payment terms towards their suppliers because they do not have to wait for payment and instead receive early payouts through the cflox financing solution – seamless, reliable, and secure.


How we make a difference.
The cflox platform for growth companies

cflox is different: we facilitate flexible and comfortable financing of receivables and payables. No matter if you engage with just a few or rather a few hundred suppliers or if you need to submit only a handful or thousands of invoices – we process data digitally, lean, and secure. Flexible interfaces and an instant connection are our core and minimize your operative effort.


Faster and more direct than financing options that do not let you control cash flow and liquidity dynamically.


More adaptable implementation and flexible utilization than fixed financing instruments that do not adapt to your needs.


More powerful than solutions that are not tailored to the specific Working Capital requirements of your individual business model.


Faster, more flexible, and more comfortable than bank solutions regarding setup, operation, and direct service access.


Financing the growth of procurement volume and inventory

“Our goal is to achieve a constant double-digit annual growth rate. One of the main challenges is our procurement and inventory – managing our Working Capital. cflox allows us to realize high Days Payables Outstanding and thereby minimizes the necessary investment in Working Capital.”

CEO, E-commerce

Single order financing

“To maintain low production costs, we need to place bulk orders instead of small individual batches. These large orders must be temporarily financed. With cflox, we implement the flexible and dynamic financing that is best for our order process.”

Finance, Retail

Financing seasonal demand peaks

“Our business model comes with seasonally volatile liquidity. Before our peak season, we need to invest in order to grow successfully. The cash outflow is early while the cash inflow occurs months later. Banks have difficulties understanding and adapting to our financing needs – we therefore successfully implemented an alternative financing solution.”

Treasury, Raw Materials

Customer example

Case Study: Optimized supplier payment terms

The goal was to help a thriving e-commerce company finance its growing operations: the payment terms towards their suppliers were systematically extended. To negotiate these with large supplier corporations, the client offered them the early payout through the cflox financing solution. This systematic campaign can increase the average payment term from 23 to 60 days and thereby freed up liquidity and strengthened the Working Capital for future growth. Existing procurement and invoicing processes remained the same.

Day 1

Order and delivery

The client places an order using their regular standard procurement process. The suppliers deliver the goods or services and send the corresponding invoices.

Day 8

Invoice activation on the cflox platform

The client activates the invoice on the cflox platform. This can be done manually or through an automated interface to the ERP system.

Day 23

Payout to suppliers

The suppliers receive their payment at the agreed short payment term. The payment is authorized via the cflox financing facility.

Day 60

Payment by buyer

The client pays his invoices within the new long payment term. Until then the Working Capital is strengthened by increasing the trade payables.

Customer voices

cflox allows us to use our payment terms and our Working Capital as growth drivers and not as expensive growth limitation.Finance, E-commerce

As participating supplier, we are interested in the sustainable growth of our customers. We recommend the cflox solution and benefit from optimized payment terms for both sides.Procurement, Manufacturing

We usually cannot negotiate long payment terms with our powerful suppliers, but we need to improve our Working Capital position. Finally, there is a solution for this scenario.

CEO, Raw Materials

On the cflox platform, I decide when to receive a payment on a per-invoice basis. I use this function strategically to increase my liquidity and optimize my bank rating.

Supplier, Logistics


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