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Dynamic Discounting

Market-based solutions for the direct and dynamic optimization of liquidity and financing within the supply chain.


The market for Working Capital directly between buyers and their suppliers

Our digital platforms reach the entire supplier portfolio. Our state-of-the-art technologies, a lean implementation of our solutions within existing systems and processes, and our full-service-support facilitate the efficient and successful realization of supplier discounts.

Buyers invest excess liquidity into their own supply chain

Buyers make early payments of approved invoices using their own liquidity. They benefit from additional discounts and strengthen their supply chain.

Suppliers receive an early payout option

Suppliers receive access to additional liquidity directly from their own buyers without any banks involved. They can optimize their outstanding debts, accounting rations, and financing costs.


The digital connection for optimized financing of the supply chain

cflox develops and operates Working Capital and financing solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients and their supply chain. We connect companies for efficient and transparent optimization of cash flow, financing, and Working Capital. We capture existing potential with state-of-the-art technologies, automated processes, high data and process security, and seamless integrations into existing systems and processes.

A digital platform to facilitate reaching a wide range of suppliers

Our digital solutions reach the entire portfolio of suppliers – addressing high demand and attractive potential.

Dynamic or situational combination of discounting and external financing

Use one platform to manage your suppliers, offer market-based discounting, and implement supply chain financing solutions by supplier group or dynamically according to your business cycle.

Plug’n’play integration into existing systems and processes

We have developed an easy to install and integrate solution that minimizes resources and effort for your organization.



Strategy & Tools

Development, implementation, and continuous optimization based on the strategy and supplier portfolio of our customers:

  • Integration into central systems and roll-out to subsidiaries.

  • Combination of discounting and Working Capital optimization.

  • Flexible integration of cflox financing partners or relationship banks.


Onboarding & Activation

We provide full-service onboarding support. Our extended platform reach and easy market access lead to high supplier participation and satisfaction:

  • Efficient rollout without external effort for our clients.

  • International onboarding team to target the full supplier portfolio.

  • Procurement can continue using existing routines, processes, and platforms.


cflox connect

Our interface for a smart and lean integration into existing systems and processes:

  • Connectivity to most established ERP systems.

  • Encrypted file-transfers for a secure data connection.

  • Flexible user-interface-based customization of all accounting specifications.


Full-Service & Support

Lean implementation, full automation, and full service & support guarantee a seamless operation:

  • Development, operation, and service provided by one local team.

  • Established technology base and secure data encryption.

  • Audited and certified according to IFRS / HGB / ISO.

Customer voices

We use cflox to strengthen and bond with our strategic suppliers.

Procurement, Food & Groceries

We managed to significantly lower our financing costs: we first replaced factoring with all its hidden costs and now rely less on using our short-term credit line.

Supplier, HR Services

Flexible additional discounts are generated by optimizing financing together. This happens directly between the financing departments and is therefore not part of the procurement and sales negotiation.
Controlling, Raw Materials

A shared financial platform with our suppliers is the next step to digitize and innovate within our supply chain.

Finance, Public Services


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