The Cash Flow Exchange

cflox is the global market for cash flow, trade finance, and Working Capital within the supply chain. On cflox, buyers and suppliers collaborate to optimize the financing of goods and services – digital, lean, and secure.

Dynamic Discounting

The digital and market-based cflox platform enables companies to invest excess liquidity into their own supply chain and benefit from additional discounts.

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Supply Chain Finance

Companies need financing options that are as flexible and dynamic as their business models. cflox enables companies to extend payment terms and optimize the financing at the same time.

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Custom solutions

We develop and operate customized solutions adapted to the specific needs of our clients and their supply chains. Our integrated modules help you to realize your goals quickly, effectively, and with a wide supplier reach.

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The Future of Corporate Payments

What we do

Optimized financing within the supply chain

cflox is the global market for cash flow, trade finance, and Working Capital within the supply chain. On cflox, buyers and suppliers collaborate to jointly optimize the financing of goods and services. We develop and implement solutions that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients. Our digital approach reaches the entire supplier base, addressing both existing potential and demand. Our technology and our comprehensive services facilitate the lean implementation within existing systems and processes.

cflox Dynamic Discounting

The early payment of approved invoices against an additional discount.

Through the early payment of approved invoices, buyers invest their own excess liquidity into their suppliers and benefit from additional discounts. Suppliers receive immediate access to liquidity and optimize the financing of their goods and services.

cflox Supply Chain Finance

Longer payment terms for buyers and early payments for suppliers through external financing.

Buyers realize longer payment terms and suppliers have the option of immediate payouts based on attractive financing conditions. Both sides benefit from higher liquidity and optimized Working Capital.

Market Insights


Working Capital

Traditionally, Working Capital and growth are financed by credit institutions. In the case of loans and factoring, complexity and risk costs incur, which are passed on to borrowers through non-transparent price structures, resulting in goods and services having to be pre-financed at high effective costs. cflox is a market in which buyers and their suppliers jointly optimize the financing of Working Capital. Cash flow is based on confirmed invoices and thus minimizes costs – directly, transparently, and cooperatively.



While many companies have optimized their internal financing, the financing of products and services across the supply chain is often inefficient: As financial institutions focus solely on the individual company and therefore require substantial collateral, lending is complex, time-consuming, and non-transparent. cflox bypasses traditional debt financing and the associated hurdles. By sharing the “asset” payment terms, we create efficient and direct processes that spare you unnecessary forms and ratings.


Asset-Based Finance

Whenever traditional financial institutions assess companies, they usually perceive them as self-contained units and individual risks. For us, on the other hand, there is a network of partners who create and share assets. By considering every claim and obligation as an asset, we recognize the true value of a business. With the help of the cflox market for Working Capital, we are therefore capable of financing individual assets within this network as efficiently and economically as possible. By using state-of-the-art technology, we can provide financing easily and without additional complexity.


Payment Terms

Agreements on payment terms have a twofold potential for conflict: Internally between procurement and financing department, externally between procurement and suppliers. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to find the right balance between specifications and negotiations and expansions and financing, as well as direct price reductions and Working Capital. Long payment terms, on the one hand, lead to increased financing costs, especially for smaller and structurally weaker suppliers. These will be reflected in the purchasing costs of the buyer in the medium and long term. Short payment terms, on the other hand, lead to savings on the part of the suppliers. However, these are rarely passed on to customers in the form of better prices. With cflox, suppliers’ financing costs, own Working Capital, and procurement costs can be optimized in a way that benefits all market participants.



Purchasing volumes, inventory, and revenue are non-static parameters. Consequently, liquidity and financing needs are dynamic and subject to significant fluctuations throughout the business cycle. Nevertheless, static solutions with long-term maturity and obligations dominate the financing market. With cflox, we offer a solution that matches the dynamics of the market. By enabling purchasing companies and suppliers to jointly and flexibly optimize cash flow, liquidity is managed in line with the individual requirements of their business cycles.


Dynamic Discounting

A stronger supply chain and additional margins – collaborative and market-based.

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Supply Chain Finance

Optimized financing within the supply chain and stronger Working Capital – highly effective reaching all suppliers.

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Custom solutions

Customized platforms for your trade finance solution – we build partnerships.

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Customer voices

cflox enables us to use our payment terms and our Working Capital as growth drivers and not as expensive growth inhibitor.

Finance, E-commerce

We can invest our excess liquidity – and our flexible, short-term investments are risk-free. On the platform, we maintain full control over our cash flow and directly increase our EBIT.

Treasury, Groceries

cflox utilizes the differences in financing costs between buyers and their suppliers. This creates a win-win with more liquidity, stronger Working Capital, and lower financing costs.

Finance, Manufacturing

The strong implementation possibilities have convinced us: We were able to embed cflox into our highly complex network of custom-built systems and now offer real benefits to our members and partners.

Finance, Retail Service Provider


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